The Science

The human body is the best safety system ever made.

Humans are wonderfully designed to do 3 things when a safety hazard is encountered:


The worker senses the danger.


The worker responds to the hazard.


The worker’s body begins bringing itself back to a safe state.

It all happens in a matter of seconds.

Some of these responses happen consciously, but most are unconscious responses to what is happening.

IntelliSafe collects physiological and behavioral data throughout this process.

Each hazard a worker encounters has its own unique characterization. 

In this way, IntelliSafe can accurately identify the hazard, warn the worker, and provide risk-related information to safety personnel to intervene immediately, if needed, or to implement safety improvements to prevent future accidents.

How IntelliSafe is Different.

• Focused on the person.


• Immediately calibrates with each individual worker.

IntelliSafe Difference

 Big Steve


55 lb. Lift – Low Stress NO RISK

Not acclimated to heat
conditions RISK

Balance related issues RISK

IntelliSafe Difference

Little John


55 lb. Lift – High Stress RISK

Fully acclimated to heat

No balance related issues NO RISK

About IntelliSafe Analytics

IntelliSafe Analytics designed its first patented, human-centered AI wearable tech to collect and analyze physiological and behavioral data to predict and prevent workplace accidents and injuries.