New AI Wearable to Improve Workplace Safety.

Protecting the

Whole Worker.


80% or more of workplace accidents are human-factor related. 

Most workplace accidents are human factor related… it’s time we start listening to what the “human” worker tells us.












Most near-miss incidents never get reported and critical safety related information can be lost forever.

70% of workplace injuries go unreported.

IntelliSafe automates

the collection of

vitally important safety

data needed to respond

to, predict and

prevent accidents.



IntelliSafe uses the most

advanced, research-grade

wearable technology in

the world to collect

physiological and

behavioral information

from workers. 

This information becomes the engine for our artificial intelligence models.

IntelliSafe is different.

We don’t need to know what hazards could be present…

…we don’t need a different device or sensor for each hazard that could possibly occur.

The human body tells us everything we need to know about every hazard it encounters.  IntelliSafe reads and interprets this information.

IntelliSafe captures physiological and behavioral data at rates as high as
64 readings per second.

Time is of the Essence.

IntelliSafe notifies safety

personnel of the
location of incidents

for quick response.



IntelliSafe is working to protect the whole worker from all hazards.

IntelliSafe Analytics
Slips and Trips

23% of workplace injuries SLIPS & TRIPS.

IntelliSafe Analytics Overexertion

35% of workplace injuries are OVEREXERTION.

IntelliSafe Analytics Heat Stress
Heat Stress

Undetermined, much higher than reported for HEAT STRESS.

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IntelliSafe Analytics Calendar
IntelliSafe Analytics Calendar
IntelliSafe Analytics Calendar

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About IntelliSafe Analytics

IntelliSafe Analytics designed its first patented, human-centered AI wearable tech to collect and analyze physiological and behavioral data to predict and prevent workplace accidents and injuries.