Our June newsletter is here, and we are in the running for the prestigious ‘Wearable Tech US Cup!’

As we near our product launch (Fall ’24), we are very excited to see the overwhelming demand for a new technology product that helps to minimize workplace accidents. IntelliSafe has initiated partnerships with several companies, including ProTect-All Solutions, Assure America, NCS Solutions, Mars Petcare, and Builders FirstSource, to open sales channels and test our wearable technology.ย  These activities have worked to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of our AI-powered safety platform.

This month, our exceptional partners continue working to prepare for product launch:

– PiMios is finalizing the wearable hardware development

– OnPoint Insights is building the Machine Learning models and software interfaces

– The University of Pittsburgh started Phase 2 of the research: retrieving and storing physiological and behavioral data from the wearable to identify workplace hazards.

This spring, we participated in several events (noted 1 -3) that connected us with forward-thinking, safety-minded organizations and leading universities.ย  We learned that universities want to integrate our wearable technology into their research studies, opening a 2nd market opportunity. This promising development has inspired us to launch our ‘university’ program, which we believe will be an academic game-changer. Stay tuned for more updates later this summer.

  1. the annual conference of The American Society of Safety Professionals, Canonsburg, PA
  2. the premier conference for occupational and environmental health and safety scientists, AIHA Connect 2024 in Columbus, OH
  3. Carolinas AGC Technology Series

๐Ÿš˜ We are taking IntelliSafe Analytics on the road! ๐Ÿš˜

  • We are thrilled to announce that we are in the running for the prestigious ‘Wearable Tech US Cup!’ ๐Ÿ† On September 3, we will be in California, ready to pitch our cutting-edge wearable tech during the competition. ย This is a significant opportunity for us to showcase our product and gain valuable exposure. Learn more about the event and our participation here.
  • IntelliSafe Analytics will exhibit and compete at the 2024 National Safety Council Congress and Expo Safety Innovation Challenge in Orlando, Florida, this September!ย  This event will allow companies to try our product to identify musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and injuries related to lifting stress.

Thank you for reading and supporting our growth! We couldn’t be more excited and pleased with our rapid progress and early adoption.

Please contact me directly to learn more about investment opportunities or if your organization wants to help us collect more data in real-world environments.

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